How do you verify a if a passport is valid. Its a US passport ?

i have a guy friend that tell me he is a us citizens well he show me his passport but how can i see if the passport is vault and that he his he says he is you can nerve know if ppl are tell the truth now and day special on the Internet ?


  • There´s an expiration date and a barcode on all modern US passports, have this person take a close up photo of both.

  • the expiration date by the picture shows if it is valid or not. there is not a way you can look up on the internet to see if it is valid. it should be examined in person and carefully checked to see if the picture on the passport corresponds with the bearer.

  • Look on the page with his picture (the front cover). The picture should actually be part of the cover, not just glued on. Also this entire page has a hologram over it. The hologram says United States of America over and over and has an eagle.

  • You can't be sure nowadays.

    and my photo is glued on, not part of the cover...

    and as an older passport it does not have the eagle, which is the more current hologram.

  • Well, there are other things you should choose to find out about in where he works, his family, etc. and then you will know more about if you can trust him..

    ...I doubt a lay person could detect a forgery so I suggest you do it the good old fashion way, "getting to know him".

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